Are You Ready To Dominate In The Real Estate Industry In Any Market?

Real Estate Coaching Mastermind: Master The Game, Change Your Life & Income

As a self made millionaire real estate investor and coach I am now ready to teach other women the game of dominating in Real Estate Investing.

Sis, think Black Girl Real Estate Monopoly I am teaching my sisters how to take back your lives, your time and your financial freedom.

We are buying back our blocks 1 property at a time!

This coaching is for the woman that is seriously ready to get started on her real estate journey and is looking for coaching, support and a new group of sisters to learn and grow with. This is not just fix and flip coaching we are now expanding our minds and our portfolios.

We will meet 2x a week for 1.5 hours each sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday for 7-8:30 PM EST

Each week you will have a Premium RE Coaching Class and a LIVE Q&A Coaching Session to match.

Master Business Credit, Master Your Mindset, Master Your Market, Master Running A Profitable Investment Portfolio, Master How To Analyze Properties for Profits, Master The Recipe of Renovation, Master Buy & Holds, Master AirBnB, Master Tax Strategies, Master Protecting Your Lives, Your Families and Your Assets, Premier 1-on-1 Support for Lending & Funding

We will take you through our best hard money lenders

Connect with our Credit Specialist to get you were you need to be sis

Learn to understand your contracts and entities

It’s time to build your wealth, increase your cash flow, and create generational wealth

We’ve done all the hard work for you you just now have to step into it and invest